I have had the opportunity to work with Greg over quite some time. He has the unique ability to assess your needs, develop a program designed to fill those needs and deliver it in a professional, compelling and convincing factor. if you work with Greg, your team will come away with a new effective way to look at their business…their jobs and be energized to make the changes necessary to execute. If you are looking for a specific, accessible program that will provide measurable results I recommend Greg without reservation.

Mark C. Rogers
VP, Director International Distribution
Sun Life Financial International (Bermuda)


I have known Greg Schryer for almost ten years, first as a fellow member of the Canada India Business Council and subsequently as a Director of Minacs [Board of Directors]. Minacs is a worldwide BPO with a significant presence in Canada. Greg first assisted Minacs as a consultant, designing and implementing state of the art training programs. Then in 2012 Greg was appointed Chief Sales Officer for Minacs and became a senior member of the management team. This team was responsible for the business transformation that took place at Minacs and enabled it to be positioned to capitalize on the growing number of opportunities in the BPO arena. Greg’s ability to assess the business environment, then design and train employees to capitalize on the emerging opportunities was critical to the plan.

I believe that Greg’s skill would be a welcome addition to any company wanting to take their business to the next level

Gary Comerford
President and CEO CMC Global
Member of the Board of Directors – Aditya Birla Minacs


I had worked with Greg and his company from May 2008, when I was the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Aditya Birla Minacs, a leading BPO company with operations in 7 countries employing 13,000 people.

Greg was initially engaged by our company to audit our sales organization and help rebuild our sales process. Greg brought a fresh approach to these roles with his real-word experience and ability to deliver.

As our requirements changed, and we required focus on CRM, Greg managed a team of people that customized and implemented online CRM system for sales. Greg mapped our new sales process to this CRM system to ensure consistency across the sales teams.

Greg was professional and efficient in his approach to work and was respected by my team. He presented himself well and worked both independently and as part of our management team.

I would not hesitate to hire Greg and his company again in the future.

Savi Ganapathi
Chief Operating Officer
Idea Cellular


I worked with Greg early on in my career and he quickly became my first real mentor, where he coached me well enough to take over his leadership position when he moved on to greater things. Greg continues to be a mentor to this day and someone who exemplifies delivering results and being highly successful.

As the founder and CEO of one of the largest and fastest growing solar development companies globally, with operations in ASIA, Europe, Canada and Latin America, I’m always trying to ensure my coaching and advice to my team mimics what I learned from Greg a number of years ago.

Greg is the epitome of being professional, having dedication, and always brings a fresh and unique approach to opportunities and challenges that make him a great leader.

I would highly recommend Greg and his company and continue to look for ways to work with him in the future.

Dave Rogers
President & CEO
AMP Solar Group Inc


For over 15 years I have worked with Greg directly or indirectly as a trusted advisor. In the early chapters of my career his coaching and training provided me the foundation to lead in today’s business environment and his ongoing advisory is invaluable.

Greg has a remarkable ability to cut through complex issues and get to the heart of most any business issue with great clarity. He excels at all kinds of strategic positioning, it could be a brand, product, job candidate, or advice on how to approach a important negotiation.

The training and coaching I have received from Greg has been instrumental in my professional achievement to-date and will serve me well in the future.

Andrew Noel
Managing Director
BMO Financial Group


I can tell you that working with Greg in the past has been a beneficial experience. From a sales leadership and training perspective, he is an excellent instructor at understanding how to navigate a conversation.

I have had a great year this year in sales and look forward to applying more of what Greg teaches.

David Livingway
Vice President BPO Solutions
Minacs Worldwide


I have worked with Greg and his partners since September 2009. I highly recommend Greg for your company’s sales consulting training requirements.

Greg was initially engaged by our sales organization and audit our sales process. Greg brought a fresh approach to these roles with his real-world experience and ability to motivate sales people.

As our requirements changed, our focus needed to be directed toward “margin-based” selling. Greg and his partners help rebuilt our compensation models- including commissions/bonus modeling and testing for break points.

Greg is a professional efficient in his approach to work and respected by his colleagues and executive clients. He is well-presented and worked both independently and as part of our management team.

I would not hesitate to hire Greg and his partners again in future

Ryan Kruger MBA
Breakaway Tours (TUI Student Travel Canada)