sig-professional-sellingAs the Executive responsible for revenue generation in your company – have you ask yourself the following:

  • Can my sales organization deliver better sales results?
  • How can I generate consistent and predictable improvement?
  • Can I improve my sale results whilemaintaining or even improvingcustomer satisfaction (CSAT)?
  • Why do my sales people keep leaving?
  • Do I have the right sales people?

The answer to these questions may fall back on you. Have I provided my team with the right tools, training and processes to succeed?

SIG Professional Selling®

sig-professionalSIG Professional Selling® will help individuals involved in sales refine and strengthen their selling skills; develop techniques for controlling the sale; and master more sophisticated methods of approaching, qualifying and selling to potential customers. You will come out of this workshop knowing what questions to ask in order to determine a prospect´s needs, thus providing the most effective solutions that can lead to more sales.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Selling ‘value’ first Understanding the buying/selling process
  • Selling against the competition
  • Warming up cold calls
  • Toolsfor effective qualifying
  • Adjusting your sales strategy based on personalities
  • Handling common objections
  • Dealing with price objections
  • Sure–fire closing techniques

Benefits of SIG Coaching and Training:

  • Skills Development. Through training, sales people and managers develop the necessaryskills that enable them to consistently improve sales results
  • Culture of Improvement.Develop a culture of sales improvementto consistently set the bar higher.
  • Increasing Sales.Closing more business with the most profitable prospects
  • Customer Satisfaction.Listening and questioning skills allow for improved customer satisfaction scores.

Who Should Attend:

Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or a newcomer trying to establish a solid foundation on which to build a successful selling career, this workshop is for you.

Program Format

SIG Professional Selling is a one (condensed) or two day program.

Course Material

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook that reinforces the workshop topics and concepts.