Businesses are spending millions of dollars to improve their business processes yet the “sales” process is widely ignored. Most companies have not mapped their sales process, nor can they determine the velocity and the conversion rates of their pipeline. Many fail to even track their win/loss record. In 2007, less than one-third of respondents agreed with the statement, “Win or lose, we get accurate feedback on all proposals from our customers.” In 2008, the figure decreased to 26 percent. (Miller Heiman, 2008).

To improve results and generate higher levels of productivity in your sales organization – you need to map your client’s buying process to your sales process.

We show you how to improve results by:

    • Define

      – Defining your sales/sales support roles clearly – and determining the desired sales process/performance improvement needed

    • Measure

      – Understanding your current process (map the process) and collecting reliable data on process quality, speed and costs

    • Analyze

      – Pinpointing and verifying the causes affecting the key input and output variables tied to goals

    • Improve

      Redesigning the sales process and making changes in the key areas of: hiring, training, supporting and managing

    • Control

      – Implementing your changes company wide and setting goals for year-on- year process improvement