sales-compensation-consultingHow effective is your sales compensation plan? Is your plan aligned with your overall corporate strategy? Are you achieving the desired behaviour from your sales reps? Do your sales reps know what they will be paid?

An effective sales compensation plan is vital to the success of a sales organization. We can help you assess your current sales compensation plan and design a plan that furthers corporate priorities, eliminates confusion and motivates reps.

We follow a five step consulting process for a comprehensive engagement:


  • Understand business goals and objectives; establish plan design objectives
  • Review current incentive plan and prior year(s) results

Insight Gathering

  • Interview the sales team (including sales managers/leads/support)
  • Document all interview findings; market survey analysis as necessary

Incentive Design

  • Develop new sales incentive design options
  • Review with management; complete detailed design


  • Test the proposed design for fit to plan objectives
  • Model multiple scenarios against the plan design


  • Prepare final design for approval; prepare communication material
  • Roll out to sales organization