As the Executive responsible for revenue in your organization you know it is all about the number. Did you hit your revenue number, did you hit your margin number and can you safely predict the number for next few quarters. You can innovate, consult, optimize, hire and fire – but in the end you need to hit the number. We help executives grow revenue and hit their number by diagnosing the challenges with their sales efforts and offering an effective solution. Whether it’s the lack of an effective sales process, lack of sales training and coaching, inability to influence executives or an underperforming sales manager. SIG is an affiliated group of sales specialists that are widely considered the best in their given discipline.


Selling IN the Executive Suite®

Develop and strengthen your team’s executive selling skills; develop techniques for getting appointments; and master more sophisticated methods of approaching, qualifying and influencing senior managers and top executives.

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SIG Professional Selling®

SIG Professional Selling will help individuals refine and strengthen their selling skills; develop techniques for controlling the sale; and master more sophisticated methods of approaching, qualifying and closing potential customers. You will learn what questions to ask in order to determine a prospect´s needs, thus providing the most effective solutions that will lead to more sales.

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Contact Center Sales Improvement

Whether you are converting your customer service/technical support center into a revenue-generating profit center or simply try to improve sales results with your sales team, you need to focus on three things. Creating a sales culture, connecting your corporate and contact center strategy, and strengthening your training and coaching programs.

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Sales Process Consulting

Businesses spend millions of dollars to improve their business processes yet the sales process is widely ignored. To improve results and generate higher levels of productivity in your sales organization – you need to map your client’s buying process to your sales process.

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Sales Compensation Consulting

We can help you assess your current sales compensation plan and design a plan that furthers corporate priorities, eliminates confusion and motivates reps.

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