contact-center-sales-improvement-initiativeAs the Executive responsible for revenue generation in your contact centers – have you ask yourself the following:

  • Can my contact center deliver better sales results?
  • How can I generate consistent and predictable improvement?
  • Can I improve my sale results whilemaintaining or even improvingcustomer satisfaction (CSAT)?
  • How can I turn my service/technical support center into a revenue center as well?

SIG will assess your contact center for areas of improvement. We provide coaching and training for your Team Leaders (TLs) and supervisors as well as sales process design and CRM usage. Coaching and training will improve revenue generation as well as your customer service quality.

Benefits of SIG Coaching and Training:

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  • Skills Development. Through coaching, Team Leaders develop coaching skills that enable agents to consistently improve sales results.
  • Culture of Improvement.Develop a culture of sales improvementto consistently set the bar higher.
  • Increasing Sales. Develop sales techniques such as up-selling and cross-selling while maintaining a positive customer experience.

  • Customer Satisfaction.Listening and questioning skills allow for improved customer satisfaction scores.

Client Testimonial:

“[we] undertook some collaborative sales improvement program initiatives to increase our unit sales and sales conversion rates, and Greg Schryer was brought in [to help facilitate this].   Greg spent time with our Marketing and Sales teams, as well as time on site at the [our centers] analyzing our incentive program, call flow/process, and technology to garner learnings and insights in to current processes and gaps. Through these efforts we got better insights in to areas where we could see improvements, and implemented some structural and process changes that allowed [us] to have a stronger focus on sales results. Greg also provided high level training and coaching to TL and management as part of the engagement. We also had several other initiatives underway in new product enhancements, market promotions, mass advertising and incentives, and these combined with the sales improvement program, helped drive improvements in sales conversion rates.”

– VP Customer Care, Telecomm Major