About the Company


As former executives, we became frustrated with the lack of resources available to us to properly prepare sales people for professional selling. We spent two years interviewing business executives across several different industries to gain insight as to how they, and their organizations, make buying decisions. Those insights form the basis of the Sales Improvement Group’s revenue improvement programs. 

Sales Improvement Group is an affiliated group of sales experts – each an experienced leader in their area of expertise. Whether your challenge exists in sales execution, training, lead generation, recruitment or compensation, you work with our best resource for that challenge. We help our clients implement ideas for driving growth, bridging the divide between business strategy and sales execution.

About Our Services

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As the Executive responsible for revenue in your organization you know it is all about the number. Did you hit your revenue number, did you hit your margin number and can you safely predict the number for next few quarters. You can innovate, consult, optimize, hire and fire – but in the end you need to hit the number. We help executives grow revenue and hit their number by diagnosing the challenges with their sales efforts and offering an effective solution. Whether it’s the lack of an effective sales process, lack of sales training and coaching, inability to influence executives or an underperforming sales manager. SIG is an affiliated group of sales specialists that are widely considered the best in their given discipline.



As the founder and CEO of one of the largest and fastest growing solar development companies globally, with operations in ASIA, Europe, Canada and Latin America, I'm always trying to ensure my coaching and advice to my team mimics what I learned from Greg a number of years ago.

Dave Rogers
President & CEO
AMP Solar Group Inc

For over 15 years I have worked with Greg directly or indirectly as a trusted advisor. In the early chapters of my career his coaching and training provided me the foundation to lead in today's business environment and his ongoing advisory is invaluable. Greg has a remarkable ability to cut through complex issues and get to the heart of most any business issue with great clarity.

Andrew Noel
Managing Director
BMO Financial Group