Adjusting the Selling Styles of Your Sales Team

a-sales-leaders-guide-to-doubling-your-close-ratePeople buy from people they know, people they like, and people they trust. That’s why it’s important for you to have an understanding of the personality of the person you’re selling to and why you need to be able to flex your own personality when necessary and appropriate. Selling requires the sales professional to sell to many different individuals. In addition to their own agendas, these people bring their particular personalities to the transaction. An understanding of how their personalities, and yours, can impact the sale is extremely important.

In This White Paper We Will Teach You:

  • The 4 Basic Selling Styles
  • How to Determine a Buyer’s Personality
  • How to Sell to Different Buyer Styles
  • How to Determine Your Selling Style

As the Sales Leader, your job is to hit your numbers. The overwhelming majority of sales professionals pay no attention to the effect that their personalities have on your prospects. Fill out the form on the right and download your copy of “A Sales Leader’s Guide to Doubling Your Closing Rate” and find out how you can sell better today.


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