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A Sales Leader's Guide to Doubling Your Close Rate

Adjusting the Selling Styles of Your Sales Team

Sales Management - the Challenge

Your challenge is to generate profitable, consistent and predictable sales results. Companies today need to differentiate themselves by building great sales organizations. Today's top business-to-business performing sales organizations have the following in common:


A sales execution strategy directly linked with the corporate vision, mission and strategy

Sales Culture

A comprehensive training and coaching curriculum with a simple and effective compensation plan

Sales Management

Proactive sales management actively coaching and leading opportunities in the field

Top Performing Sales People

High performers can consistently gain access to and build relationships from business managers to corporate executives

Real-time Information

Active use of CRM performance data by sales leadership and Playbooks by the sales team

Pursuit Teams

Disciplined and highly organized pursuit teams consisting of sales, finance, operations and technology


Adherence to a sales process that is directly mapped to the clients' buying process

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Improving Sales Results in a B2B Sales Organization

Aligning sales process and training to executive selling